Buy Pinball Machines is actually cool again. Pinball (like Stranger Things ) is making a huge comeback in bars, barcades, home game rooms and corporate break rooms. Pinball is wild and you will never have the same game twice and that is what makes playing pinball so much fun! Pinball as a hobby is also growing among young  adults who or 25 to 40 years of age, because they are now established, have a home and have a successful career.

Pinball Machines at Pinball805 Limited Liability Company

At Pinball805llc, we take a lot of pride in the products we offer to the public. We carry the largest selection of pinball machines from Electromechanical pinball machines to Solid State pinball machines. If you’re looking for an arcade video game, we have that too. Pinball805 Limited Liability Company has a huge selection, so you can ORDER PINBALL MACHINES to fit your needs right on our showroom floor.

When you’re looking for a new or used pinball machine, there are many things to consider. What is your budget when purchasing a pinball machine? What theme would your family prefer in a pinball: Rock n Roll theme, Sci-fi theme, Animation theme, Super Hero’s theme or a Blockbuster movie theme? Do you want a pinball machine that is a classic oldie or something new and modern with all the bells and whistles.

Remember, you’re not looking for cheap pinball machines, you’re looking for the best most reliable pinball machine that will provide years of entertainment and fun.  Thus visit our shop now to view a variety of pinball machines for sale and buy pinball machine online.


How long does it take to deliver to me?

t can take between 5-12 days within the US & Canada and might be longer for international customers.

Shipping Policy:


We can deliver to interested persons who would like to get a machine from us but will not have the capability to come over for pickup. A delivery fee will need to be paid and the cost will vary depending on your location. If you have any other questions concerning delivery, kindly get in touch with us.


If you are within driving distance and would love to come for pickup that is fine since we also accept local pickup. However, all pickups are done on weekends, Saturdays & Sundays to be precise and a 10% deposit must be made prior to the date of pickup.

Return & Exchange Policy:

We accept return after 14 days provided there are no scratches, dent, or damages on the machine. We provide the full price paid for the machine but the buyer will cover the delivery cost. We also accept machines to be exchanged after 14 days with the difference covered by either party depending on the cost of each machine. All our machines come with a 12-month warranty. Our warranty covers the repair and replacement of all movable parts within the stipulated period.

Is there any verification upon purchasing the machines

Yes, in some cases we do require additional and documents before processing orders.


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